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Five Star Trading
consumer electronics
6 employees
, , United States
/ year
Brooklyn, New York
Contact Phone Num:


Five Star Trading Salaries

Concrete Laborer

40,771.35 / Year

Production Manager

54,001.17 / Year

Snow Plow Operator

48,794.45 / Year

Truck Driver

42,148.61 / Year


37,863.79 / Year

Accounts Receivable

33,119.89 / Year

Accounts Payable Cle

30,299.78 / Year

Warehouse Worker

25,249.82 / Year

Forklift Operator

29,862.55 / Year

Administrative Assis

26,889.41 / Year

Sales Representative

43,722.62 / Year

Administrative Assis

41,645.80 / Year

Brooklyn, New York

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