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Tvilight Smart City Lighting
information technology and services
50 employees
, , Netherlands
/ year
Groningen, Groningen
Specialties:["iot","connected lighting","smart city","intelligent street lighting","street light motion sensor","lighting management system","streetlight asset management software","wireless lighting control","lighting management software","smart lighting"]
Contact Phone Num:

  +31 50 800 3240

Tvilight Smart City Lighting Salaries

Skilled Laborer

28,332.26 / Year


24,790.73 / Year

Construction Worker

28,419.71 / Year


37,295.40 / Year


36,049.30 / Year


30,583.98 / Year

Site Supervisor

43,001.20 / Year

Business Development

69,441.75 / Year

Concrete Laborer

40,771.35 / Year

Production Manager

54,001.17 / Year

Snow Plow Operator

48,794.45 / Year

Truck Driver

42,148.61 / Year

Groningen, Groningen

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