PURE Group of Insurance Companies
790 employees
, , United States
/ year
44 S. Broadway, Suite 301, White Plains, New York 10601, US
Specialties:["high value personal lines property","casualty insurance"]
Contact Phone Num:

  (888) 813-7873

PURE Group of Insurance Companies Salaries

Owner Operator Drive

132,520.75 / Year

Solo Driver

131,167.87 / Year

Team Driver

87,383.14 / Year


46,993.54 / Year

Accounts Receivable

42,366.64 / Year

Staff Accountant

56,696.57 / Year

Accounting Specialis

32,726.38 / Year

Customer Service Rep

32,988.72 / Year

Data Entry Clerk

28,026.20 / Year

Pharmacy Technician

25,118.65 / Year

Medical Assistant

23,675.80 / Year

Client Services

33,644.56 / Year

44 S. Broadway, Suite 301, White Plains, New York 10601, US

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