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defense & space
760 employees
, , Canada
/ year
649 North Service Road West, Burlington, ON L7P 5B9, Canada
Specialties:["systems that capture stabilized","highmagnification images from fixedwing","rotarywing","uav","aerostat & ground based platforms"]
Contact Phone Num:

  (905) 633-4000

L3 WESCAM Salaries

Team Leader

24,703.28 / Year


30,015.58 / Year


54,510.44 / Year

Client Services Mana

38,482.95 / Year

Food Service Worker

23,019.96 / Year


23,500.91 / Year

Event Coordinator

23,041.82 / Year

Project Administrato

46,958.35 / Year

Outside Sales Repres

4,418.84 / Year

Direct Sales Represe

1,332.17 / Year

Sales Representative

1,217.28 / Year

Sales Representative

1,217.28 / Year

649 North Service Road West, Burlington, ON L7P 5B9, Canada

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